Text Neck

There is a new condition presenting itself in clinics around the world. It’s called Text Neck and is a reversal of the neck curve from looking down a majority of the day while on a phone or other device. This compresses the discs and causes early loss of disc height. Eventually, arthritic changes will occur and the patient will suffer with painful neck conditions for the remainder of their lives. There is no cure, other than to stop the behavior causing the problem. Restoring the curve is very difficult but it can be done.

Through chiropractic adjustments, the use of support pillows, stretching, and strengthening exercises, the curve can be restored. The best defense is a strong offense where the device is held up in a position more conducive to proper neck curves and head positioning. We will likely see a significant problem with Text Neck in the future as this generation continues to age and the condition continues to advance.