How to relieve sciatic nerve pain?

Sciatic Nerve Pain or Sciatica is a general condition in which the sciatic nerve has become inflamed and painful. The pain is generally described as the sensation of a burning hot poker going down the back of the leg. I have seen the pain shoot just a short distance into the upper thigh area or … Continue reading

Treatment for Herniated or bulging discs

A herniated disc and a bulging disc are very similar or the same on some levels and on other levels, they can be completely different. A disc bulge can be thought of as an inflamed disc that has a broader based outward expansion from its normal state. As the annulus pushes outward, contact and subsequent … Continue reading

Neck Conditions in the Senior Population

The main condition that I see in the older population is arthritis that leads to loss of range of motion. The most common sign of this is the inability to turn the neck far enough to see behind you for backing the car out. This becomes dangerous and problematic when in a highly traveled area … Continue reading

Children and Neck Conditions

Some of the main conditions that I see in children include torticollis and ear aches. Torticollis is a condition where the vertebra in the neck slip out of their normal position, impinging on a nerve which causes muscle spasm in the neck. Children with torticollis frequently wake up in the morning in pain, are unable … Continue reading

Infants and neck conditions

The birth process can be fairly traumatic for an infant given the fact that the head is the first body part to present itself to the world and is often used as a lever to coax the baby the rest of the way through the birth canal. Frequently we see infants that are crying unceasingly, … Continue reading