Neck Conditions in the Senior Population

The main condition that I see in the older population is arthritis that leads to loss of range of motion. The most common sign of this is the inability to turn the neck far enough to see behind you for backing the car out. This becomes dangerous and problematic when in a highly traveled area like a grocery store parking lot. If you are noticing that it takes longer to get backed out and is difficult to see because you can’t turn your neck, it’s time for an assessment.

Often times the arthritic neck can be adjusted in the same way as the non-degenerated neck, but the forces necessary are much less. There is also potential for using lower force instrument adjusting to relieve the fixations and restore the motion desired. I will also put people on a stretching regime to decrease the fascial restrictions between the muscles and increase muscle length. Many arthritis types can be dealt with and respond nicely to chiropractic care.