Infants and neck conditions

The birth process can be fairly traumatic for an infant given the fact that the head is the first body part to present itself to the world and is often used as a lever to coax the baby the rest of the way through the birth canal. Frequently we see infants that are crying unceasingly, have colic, and will only turn their head in one direction. These symptoms are suggestive of neck trauma that should be checked out by a qualified chiropractor.

Infant adjusting is one of the least invasive procedures that I do. The forces needed to make a change in the spine of an infant are so small that often the parents are unsure of then the adjustment actually happened. The change to the baby can be night and day. I had one patient that brought her infant son in to me because she was at her wits end with him. She told me, “fix this,” and handed me her baby. I adjusted him with a very light force neck adjustment and she told me three days later it was like having a new baby. He was happy, slept through the night, and seldom cried. It’s not always that profound of a difference and some babies take more than one adjustment to get the neck corrected, but over the course of a few weeks, the infant can have a life changing experience with chiropractic adjustments.