Ear Infections

Ear infections are a common malady in early childhood but can occasionally effect the adult population. The infection associated with the ear can either be internal auditory canal or the middle auditory canal and is the result of introduction of bacteria into the region through the Eustachian tubes or via cotton swabs while cleaning. In younger children the Eustachian tubes are not angled as much as in the adult and fluid is not allowed to drain properly, allowing bacterial invasion and proliferation, leading to a swollen, painful ear drum.
Chiropractic can help children with ear infections through adjusting the upper neck and base of the skull. Frequently, if there are misalignments of these important structure, the Eustachian tubes are further susceptible to encroachment and additional blockages. Through properly aligning the upper neck, many times the ear infections resolve quickly with no need for additional intervention in the form of tubes or antibiotics.

When it comes to adult ear infections, frequently we will see middle ear infections where the canal has an infection on the outside of the ear drum. This can be just as painful and is frequently the result of overzealous hygiene of the canal. A number of natural options are available for resolving this type of infection, along with the adjustment to the upper cervical spine.

Adjustments are safe and effective for dealing with upper neck issues when administered by an experienced chiropractic physician. Come in and have a consultation about your condition and see the ways we may be able to help you achieve health naturally.